Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Forestry are allowed to destroy Tasmanian Aboriginal heritage and culture unabated. Mainland developers are allowed to come to Tasmania and destroy. We know that TALC and ALC have partnership agreements where they let the destruction of Lia Pootah heritage continue unabated. While the destruction is going onLia Pootah have been waiting to hear them say STOP you are destroying Tasmanian Aboriginal cultural heritage.

There is silence.

We know they are from the Bass Strait Islands and have no idea where Lia Pootah important land places are. But surely they could ask us and work with us to protect our heritage for everyone to share.

Ralphs Bay a major Lia Pootah heritage area is to be destroyed by mainlanders who know little and care less about Lia Pootah cultural heritage places. Why has the government given the Bass Strait Islanders exclusive rights to make decisions about land they know nothing about. Why doesn’t the government make them work with Lia Pootah to learn about the land they are allowing to be destroyed.

One of the biggest tragedies is that TALC is allowing the Blue Tiers to be logged a Lia Pootah place of cultural significance, both with Spirit Trees and rock art carvings.

Another place is Recherche Bay which is going to be logged, again silence. Lia Pootah ancestors interacted with the French at this place. Why is their silence from the government body paid to protect our heritage?

Rodney Dillon screams when he is caught poaching, claiming infringements on his Bass Strait Island culture. But silence on Lia Pootah cultural heritage. This is a man self proclaimed as the cultural heritage watchdog. But only when it suits his personal needs.

Brian Mansell at TALC has his say on irrelevant topics but nothing about protecting Lia Pootah heritage and stopping the devestation.

Clyde Mansell at ALC puts in his point for Bass Strait Island places but not about protecting Lia Pootah heritage.

Perhaps coming from the Bass Strait Islands means they are unaware of our important heritage areas, but aren't we all Tasmanian Aboriginal. ALC and TALC are paid to protect our heritage. Rodney Dillon is supposed to be the public voice of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people but he only worries about Bass Strait Island issues or self imposed fishing rights. ALC and TALC have policies on protecting our Lia Pootah heritage, the heritage of all the Tasmanian Aboriginal people. Why are they allowing it to be destroyed?

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