Friday, August 22, 2003


My, aren’t the TAC sore losers.

On Monday night 18 August the Hobart City Council voted that they wanted a representative Aboriginal panel to assist in all Aboriginal issues, not just those Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre (TAC )accepted who were put onto the Hobart City Council’s Aboriginal committee. The Aldermen were furious when they realised that the members of the advisory committee were chosen by someone’s email list and not adverts for expression of interest. Many of the Aldermen considered they had been made look foolish by the Office of Aboriginal Affairs (OAA) and Alderman Jeff Brisco demanded and received an apology in the Mercury from Greg Brown the OAA manager.

Shown for what they were, a non representative group, they immediately started ranting their rhetoric on Aboriginality. As is their way the TAC began decrying the Aldermen and laying accusations at them for racism. The TAC immediately sent out propaganda material denying the Lia Pootah Aboriginal recognition with scathing and venomous attacks on the Aldermen. How long does it take for the racist dictators to realise that Lia Pootah do not need the TAC to validate their Aboriginality or the Palawa to confirm who they are.

The next morning the Aboriginal flag was flying at half mast and flowers laid at the base of the flag pole. Histrionics win no medals. We win in court, and we are recognised Federally, when will the TAC and its hard line radicals come to term with the fact that we exist despite their best efforts to remove us and our history from Tasmania.

At the present time they are busy once again tightening their control on Jim Bacon’s government and their definition of Aboriginality. As much as they try to deny history and force their lies on bureaucrats and the ignorant public history will win out and Lia Pootah people are fully documented as surviving the historical lie of the Round-up.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

cultural genocide 

Once again the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre (TAC) is hotting up its actions against the Tasmanian Aboriginal people who are not from the Bass Strait Islands. They have the Office of Aboriginal Affairs (OAA), which is part of Premier and Cabnet, on side and therefore control Jim Bacon the Tasmanian Premier. To be Aboriginal the OAA have to verify you and to do this they demand a family tree that shows you are from the Bass Strait Islands, Fanny Cochran Smith and Dolly Dalrymple. In Tasmania it does not matter that you are recognised by the Federal Government as being Aboriginal or that your have been to court to prove who you are. All that counts is if the TAC accept you. The TAC are insidious with their policy of slurs and lies all done as whispers that you rarely hear about so are unable to fight.

On the 11 of August 2003 Jim Bacon told several Clarence City Council Alderman that there were problems with the Lia Pootah Community being bonifide Aboriginal and that their spokes person Kaye McPherson was not an Elder and not Aboriginal. Kaye was not given the right to respond and she only found out about it because a friendly Clarence Alderman told her.

Someting has to be done in Tasmania about the TAC. The control this one group has is actually quite terrifying and very similar to the way Hitler was in WW2. The TAC do not represent the Tasmanian Aboriginal people but they collect every penny both State and Federal that comes into Tasmania. This is in excess of $10.5 million dollars a year for 16,000 people and they recognise less than a 1,000.

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